OurCoffeeJCHWe only serve Indonesian Arabica specialty coffee. We source and roast our own coffee. Our passion is to explore the character of Indonesian single origins.

What we want is to control the sourcing to serving process of our coffee. That is the only way to create coffee that we want.

We roast 5 days a week, to ensure the freshness of our coffee beans.

We have 200gr and 1kg pouch sizes of coffee beans from 9 single origins, Sumatran’s and Java’s Luwak Coffee, JCH house blend, and of course our special variant “Si Petung”.



Earthy, musty, syrupy, smooth and rich, with both jungle and chocolate undertones (wild luwak)

Available pack :

  • 100 gr


Aceh Gayo Organic

Organic medium acidity with rich earthy undertones, vibrant and versatile.

Available pack :

  • 200 gr


Sumatra Mandailing

Classic, earthy and rustic profile, full body, it’s very intense!

  • 200 gr


Sumatra Lintong

Classic, earthy and spicy flavour ,full body, its very intense !

  • 200 gr


Java Raung

Pleasing nutties and chocolaty aroma, with a hint of herbs

  • 200 gr


Bali Kintamani

Light body, orange peel, sweetness after taste

  • 200 gr



Caramel sweetness and herbaceous earthy and complex acidity

  • 200 gr


Papua Wamena

fruity aroma ,superb acidity, clean flavor with medium body

  • 200 gr


Flores Bajawa

Full body , Citrus, Spice leaf

  • 200 gr


Si Petung

Sweet aroma and smooth ,mellow flavour that culminates in a clean, well rounded sweetness long-lasting of finish.

  • 200 gr


JCH Blend

Full body , medium acidity, low bitter and full crema with chocolate caramel flavour.

  • 1000 gr



Note :

  • The prices are inculuding Tax Government.
  • Contact Us For Actual Price.