with Indonesia as one of the centre for the world coffee products and plantation, we would like to make the country as one of the place in the world to have the best coffee in terms quality and the sustainability

with the history of being in colonialism by the Dutch who exposed the country to the coffee sector, Indonesia have now been using the dark past and legacy of coffee plantation into a more better and sustained coffee communities, with the coffee natural habits in following the terroir or the natural environment of the land where it grows, each island in Indonesia represent the different taste due to the different nature that it brings

with Indonesia golden days raising with its bonus demographic, the country coffee drinkers and enthusiast are exploding with their wonderful curiosity and creative mind, the market become very vibrant with many brand that try to brings their authenticity and differentiation. we hope by having the same spirit, we would become one of the valuable brand not only for the market but also for the world by becoming the extension of the Indonesia coffee family. we also hope by trying to be the best in what we do, we can gather more people to the same love that we have found in coffee

best regards

Jakarta Coffee House