Barista & coffee Institute (BCI) offers a holistic interpretation of Barista, we proudly present a training not only for an individual that wants to work in the business, but also for the business owner and professional alike that wish to understood the coffee business and its diverse industries starting from tree to cup.

Jakarta coffee house (JCH) have been in the coffee industries for the past 10 years and hopefully for the next century, out of our achievement and service, we are now trying to make our new breakthrough in the coffee industries learning system. A holistic way of knowing the full essential of coffee business. 

Our coffee training contains, a full scale of education not only set for the barista to work in the cafe industries, but the possibility for them to be able to have their own cafe. 

To be able to transfer the coffee industries diverse components, our BCI trainer have divided the tranining class into:

  • Basic essentials coffee class
  • Intermediate essentials coffee training
  • Advanced coffee training for trainers
  • Master class speciality coffee program

Each class master a different program and progress, each needs to be done prior to the other class to be able to incorporate the development of not only the products but also the industry trend and qualification. With perfection in mind, we guarantee our training with our proud names and the possiblity of redoing and retaking the class for free.

To be able to understand our curiculum, what makes us compatible for your business and how it could give an additional advantages to your company, please dont hesitate to get in touch and share with our respective trainer as well as partner through our contact bar in the home page