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We are a Proud Indonesian Coffee House
We share passion through a cup
Dedication is our recipes and we do coffee seriously

our beans

We source the beans carefully from our trusted farmer, we create mutual respect with them and treat them as our family, and with Our passion to explore the best beans of Indonesia we can be sure you will get the best out of us. 9 region we have today can only be our starting point, we are looking forward in having more great beans to come.

The Roasted Beans

not just sourcing the best beans, we roast our coffee in an intricate detail to found its best profile, in which they suits each beans character, to ensure the freshness of our coffee beans that comes from all over Indonesia, we roast at least 4 days in our weeks, with the roasted beans including the JCH house blends, our 9 single origins, our wild luwak coffee and of course our special signature variant “Si Petung”.

why trust us ?

with Experiences of over 13 years in specialty coffee industries, Jakarta coffee house can gives you an alternatives to view the coffee business through our perspectives.

customized beast

we understand everything matters in coffee, therefore we keep on exploring those variables. espresso machines play one of the most important role for our coffee, and so we custom our machine, finding tricks to make our cup taste better, don't believe it yourself? you are free to see it yourself
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Jakarta Coffee House / JCH, provide top notch services for our customers.

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